Port City Engines

With more than 35 years in business, we are proud to have earned the recognition as being an industry leader in the field of engine machining, balancing and engine development.


We offer a full range of balancing, from engine balancing to driveshaft balancing and large sized industrial balancing.

Cams & Lifters

We use the latest technology to measure and report camshafts as well as various other machining.


From small engine to large diesel, we can recondition your conrods. We can acid bath, shotpeen, resize balance, lighten and machine new bushes.


We offer a full range of Crankshaft services, from basic grinding to fully race prepping a crankshaft and balancing.

Cylinder Heads

We cover all your head needs, from a basic head checkup to full reconditioning and race preparation.

Engine Blocks

We offer a full range of block services including crack testing, boring, honing, line honing, surfacing, sleeving and more.

Engine Development

We have a huge range of engine development facilitys available, from computerised camshaft reading, flow testing and engine dyno services.

General Engineering

Manufacturing special parts and tools and modifying components is part of our job, as well as driveshaft manufacturing, flywheel machining and re-drilling for conversion clutch’s.