Our Custom Crate Engines have been created from years of research and development using: computer simulation engine design, engine dyno development as well as racetrack testing, competition and development. We have been fortunate to have had the help of Allan Lockheed USA (author of the Engine Expert™ program) to assist in the design of some engines. These engines are not your average, lazy, low comp, unbalanced, California smog legal, basic design crate engine built in a sausage factory that are available from some of our competitors… (There is no comparison)

Our Custom crate engines are all designed with the best combination of power and reliability in mind to suit HP-Street, Oval track speedway racing, Circuit racing, Drag racing, and Marine sport. “What you get” with your Custom Crate Engine is a precision machined, blueprinted and balanced engine using the best components for the level that your engine is designed for, no short cuts, no exceptions. Only available from Port City Engines… All complete long motors are run-in and tested on our Superflow SF-902 engine dyno before delivery for your complete satisfaction. (Dyno results included)

A lot more performance engine combinations are currently being developed and will be added to these page’s when ready. Let us know if there is a particular engine combination you are looking for, we may already have what you want

Chev Small block engines

Chev 350 HP1 Engine – 350 HP

Chev 383 HP1 Engine – 373 HP

Chev 383 HP3 Engine – 454 HP

Ford Small block engines

Ford 302w HP1 Engine – 375 HP

Ford 347w HP1 Engine – 380 HP

Ford 351c HP1 Engine – 347 HP

Holden V6 Engines

Wingless Sprint V6 Engine – 225 HP

Holden V6 Ecotec HP1 Engine –  HP

Holden V8 Engines

Holden 253 HP1 engine – 275 HP

Holden 253 AMCA HP5 Engine – 300 HP

Holden 308 HP1 Engine – 312 HP

Holden 310 HP1 Engine – HP

Holden 355 HP1 Engine – 357 HP

Holden 355 HP2 Engine – 400 HP