Mantic 9000 Twin Metallic Plate Clutch Kit for Holden Commodore VE V8 LS2 6.0L

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Mantic performance clutches are made with premium quality materials designed to perform and last the distance, while allowing excellent driveability when needed.

Mantic clutches are twin plate, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutch kits that are designed for high performance engines & enthusiastic driving styles. The plates have a wafer style spring between them to keep them from rattling when the clutch is depressed and also to keep the clutch from dragging the discs which can make high RPM shifts tougher and cause unnecessary wear on the transmission.

These clutches offer up to 1010ft lbs (1365nm) of torque drive capability & low pedal effort is required.

Solid Track Metallic:

This is a solid centre, non cushioned, 4 button metallic clutch plate and is the highest level of the Mantic range. Designed for pure performance, this clutch offers few compromises. Engagement is sudden, limiting the chance of slippage. It is recommended for track use only.

  • Product Line:    Mantic Clutch.
  • Condition:    Brand new.
  • Quantity:    Pressure plate, Clutch plate x 2, Concentric Slave Cylinder, Flywheel, flywheel bolts, aligning tool, installation instructions, warranty details & alloy carry case.
  • Part #:    M923220
  • Application:    Chevrolet V8 LS2 6.0L Petrol engines.
  • Application:    Holden Commodore VE V8 6.0L LS2 08/06 – 08/10.
  • Application:    Holden Commodore VE V8 6.0L LS2 Series 2 09/10 – 06/12.
  • Notes:    225mm x 26T x 29mm.
  • Notes:    Recommended for track use only.
  • Notes:    Torque rating 1010 FT/LB.
  • Notes:    Use RSB589 spigot bush if required.

Additional information

Weight 13.83 kg
Dimensions 15 × 44 × 38 cm

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