Yella Terra Ultra Light Weight Steel Flywheel for Holden 6cyl 149-202 YT9904RPM

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Ultra Light RPM Flywheels

The Yella Terra RPM Ultra Light Flywheels are special high performance light weight flywheels with reduced peripheral mass (RPM) designs that are effectively as light as alloy but with the strength of steel. The YT RPM Lighter flywheels help contribute to a faster revving, more responsive engine.

  • Made 30-50% lighter than factory flywheels (varies by model)
  • Improved acceleration and ease of rev-matching
  • Less stress placed on the drive train during shifting
  • Delivers outstanding engine response and sharp power transfer
  • Very quick throttle response
  • For Turbo and Supercharged vehicles, the flywheel allows for faster spooling and greater power potential
  • Lightening the overall reciprocating mass attached to the end of the engine’s crank, thus allowing the engine to rev faster and accelerate quicker
  • Snappier throttle response and faster spool up, especially coming out of corners, which translates into faster times and more victories.
  • Product Line:   Yella Terra      Made in Australia
  • Part #:   YT9904RPM
  • Application:   Holden 6cyl 173,186,202
  • Notes:   137-Teeth, Gear-dia: 292mm, Internal balance.
  • Notes:   6.23kg Ultra light steel flywheel.
  • Notes:   Drilled for 8.60” & 9.12” Diaphragm pressure plates.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 41 × 43 cm



Yella Terra

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