Ice Ignition 7 Amp Street Series Kit Chrysler 6cyl 245 265 Hemi 7060MV-C265

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The 7060MV kit is an entry level package aimed at standard to mildly modified street cars. It features 16 pre-programmed push button adjustable advance curves and vacuum advance via a built in MAP sensor.

This provides easy and effective tune-ability for everything from a standard engine through to modified combinations. It results in excellent everyday drive ability and exceptional long-term performance.

  • Product Line:    Ice Ignition.   Manufactured in Australia.
  • Condition:    Brand new.
  • Quantity:    1 x 8200 Small Cap Billet Vac Distributor, 1 x Ignition Control box, 1 x Ignition Coil, 1 x set 9mm Plug Leads. 
  • Part #:    ICE-7060MV-C265
  • Application:    Chrysler 6cyl 245, 265 HEMI Engines. IGNITION KIT FOR CARBURETTED ENGINES ONLY.
    • Part #:   ICE Billet 6061-T6 alloy distributor in small cap with spheroidal graphite cast iron Gear.
    • Part #:   7 Amp digital ignition control with 16 pre-programmed push button adjustable advance curves, signal LED indicator and dedicated tach output. (NO REV LIMITER).
    • Part #:   Pro Series Race Ignition Coil.
    • Part #:   9mm Spark Plug Ignition Leads with Number Markers. Straight plug boot, 90° HEI Cap.



Ice Ignition

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