Eagle Spark Plug Leads Holden V8 11mm Kingswood VB WB Socket Type E11808

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Eliminator Series lll ignition leads offer the professional race engine builder “The Next Generation” in racing ignition lead technology. Designed for today’s high compression, high temperature and high horsepower race engines and have been tested on Dyno’s and proven on the race track. 11mm Eliminator series are fitted with three layers of Silicone jackets and an Ultra low resistance Copper wound Ferrite Spiral core conductor. Eliminator Series III are a proven performer at carrying secondary voltages in excess of 90,000 volts whilst emitting virtually zero RFI making them compatible for use with virtually all Hi-tech on board computer systems.

  • Product Line:    Eagle      Made in Australia
  • Part #:    E11808
  • Application:    Holden V8 253 308 With Socket Distributor Pre EFI
  • Quantity:    8X Spark Plug Leads 1X Coil Lead
  • Notes:    With Socket distributor

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Dimensions 9 × 22 × 20 cm




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