Ice Ignition Chev SB 283 305 327 350 9mm Leads Over Rocker Cover 90° Plug HEI

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ICE plug wires are manufactured using the highest quality low resistance spiral wound copper alloy core and stainless steel “Snap Lock” cap and plug fittings.

Extreme temperature silicone insulation and boots are used. The ultimate 9mm Pro 100 Series wires are used in all ICE ignition kits and have an extremely low resistance of just 100 ohms per metre for maximum spark intensity and duration.

  • Product Line:    Ice Ignition   Manufactured in Australia.
  • Condition:    Brand new. 
  • Quantity:    1 x set 9mm Finished lead set (8 x ignition leads 1 x coil lead), instructions & plug wire stickers.
  • Part #:    ICE-9CHE801
  • Application:    Chev V8 SB 283, 305, 327, 350, 400 engines.
    • Part #:   HEI Distributor, Fitment Over Rocker Covers.
    • Part #:   Distributor Terminal Ends – Female 90°.
    • Part #:   Spark Plug Ends – 90°.
  • Notes:    Spiral wound copper alloy core with very low resistance of 100 ohms per metre (35 ohms per foot). 
  • Notes:    Premium Quality “Snap Lock” stainless steel distributor cap & spark plug fittings.
  • Notes:    Fully fitted & ready to install for each specific engine application.
  • Notes:    Alloy core is wrapped in Ice Ignition’s proprietary insulation to provide maximum RF noise & heat shielding.



Ice Ignition

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