Cam pro plus camshaft graph
Cam pro plus camshaft measuring machine
Cam Pro Plus Cam Card

Cam Pro Plus

Cam Pro Plus offers numerous advantages for the measurement and analysis of lifter and valve motion profiles.
  • Eliminating a bad cam.
  • To verify the cam matches the cam card.
  • Analyze the camshaft without knowing its part number.
  • Compare profiles from different manufacturers.
  • Predict the effect of lash and rocker ratio changes.
Cam Pro Plus tells you what TDC lift is at any amount of advance or retard. You need only to find TDC and adjust the cam to produce that lift. There’s no need to mess with degree wheels.

Camshaft Services

  • Audie technology cam Pro Plus.
  • Camshaft computer profiling.
  • Camshaft spec sheets.
  • Cam installation specs @ TDC.
  • Cam bearings fitted.
  • Lifter grinding.
  • Rocker arm welding.
  • Rocker arm grinding.
  • Re-bush rocker arms.