Scat conrod being weighed for balancing
Large diesel conrod being ground to size
Large diesel conrod being ground to size
Piston being flycut for valve reliefs

Conrods & Pistons

For trouble free bearing life, big end bores are machined to factory specified size & finish providing optimum bearing crush & heat transfer.
Conrod small end bushes are fitted and machined, conrods can be converted to fully floating and rod lengths can be changed marginally for special applications.
Conrods can be lightened and balanced also and then fitted and aligned to the pistons.

Conrods & Piston Services

For a smooth vibration free driveline, the universal joints are inspected or replaced and the shaft is checked for dents and run-out.
Balancing of the shaft is achieved by adding weights to the shaft by welding in the appropriate position for a vibration free unit.
  • Conrod resizing of big end bores.
  • Internal grinding & honing.
  • Replacement of small end bushes & pin boring.
  • Piston fitting & alignment.
  • Piston machining for valve relief.
  • Conrod balancing & lightening.
  • Machining & fitting of o/size conrod bolts.