Cam pro plus cam measurement system.
Cam pro plus cam card report.
Cam pro plus camshaft graph.
Engine analyser pro dyno simulation.
Cylinder head setup for flow testing
Cylinder head setup for flow testing
Carby setup for flow testing.
Flowpro software flow input screen
Flowpro flow graph
Pipemax software

Engine Development

At Port city engines we offer computerized camshaft profiling, head flow bench testing and development, complete race engine and exhaust system design and Superflow engine dyno services.

Dyno Simulation Overview: The combination of Dynomation, Engine Expert, Engine Alalyzer Pro and Pipe Max lets us peer inside a running engine revealing (otherwise invisible) pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. These simulations will accurately display how much power an engine will produce, but they will also show us why it makes that power and where we should put our efforts to optimize performance!

Dynomation, Engine Expert, Engine Analyzer Pro and Pipe Max are all well known for high accuracy and technical detail, with years of using and testing these programs and consulting with experts like Allan Lockheed in the USA we can quickly zero-in on the best combination of components to optimize power in any engine!

With the recent purchase of our new Superflow SF902 engine dyno we can quantify all our engine combinations and further development with state of the art information and accuracy.

Camshaft Services

  • Cam Pro Plus by Audie technology
  • Camshaft computer profiling

Cylinder Head Services

  • SF-600 Flow bench testing
  • Flow Pro by Audie technology
  • Head Flow computer reports

Engine Design Services

  • Engine Expert
  • Engine Analizer Pro 3.5
  • Pipe Max 3.6
  • Dynamation Engine Simulation

Engine Dyno Services

  • Full engine dyno testing services are now available